Short articles

Neuroeconomic Theory: Using Neuroscience to Understand the Bounds of Rationality
Isabelle Brocas and Juan D. Carrillo – Paper (PDF)

Disciplining Behavioral Theories through Brain-Based Models of Decision-Making
Isabelle Brocas and Juan D. Carrillo, in P.H. Crowley and T.R. Zentall eds, Comparative Decision Making, Oxford University Press, Oxford: UK (2013). – Our take on Neuroeconomics together with a brief comment on an excellent article by Mark Dean – Paper (PDF)


ARticles about our research

Resource Allocation in The Brain, Cheap Talk Blog, May 2011

Emotional Economics, USC Dornsife News, February 2012

Making Juries Better: Some Ideas from Neuroeconomic, National Geographic, September 2013


Interviews and Presentations

        Presentation by Juan D. Carrillo, Dec. 2021, Monash Business School