Short articles

Neuroeconomic Theory: Using Neuroscience to Understand the Bounds of Rationality
Isabelle Brocas and Juan D. Carrillo – Paper (PDF)

Disciplining Behavioral Theories through Brain-Based Models of Decision-Making
Isabelle Brocas and Juan D. Carrillo, in P.H. Crowley and T.R. Zentall eds, Comparative Decision Making, Oxford University Press, Oxford: UK (2013). – Our take on Neuroeconomics together with a brief comment on an excellent article by Mark Dean – Paper (PDF)


ARticles about our research

Resource Allocation in The Brain, Cheap Talk Blog, May 2011

Emotional Economics, USC Dornsife News, February 2012

Making Juries Better: Some Ideas from Neuroeconomic, National Geographic, September 2013


Interviews and Presentations

        Presentation by Juan D. Carrillo, Feb. 2024, Game Changer Podcast 

        Presentation by Juan D. Carrillo, Dec. 2021, Monash Business School